Spectrum是最终的“颜色载体”,与行业中的任何其他纯色层压层线不同。发现50种颜色,无与伦比的交货时间和任何项目的价格合理。另外,崭新的真实音调集合Bolsters Spectrum具有最新的光学纯色演化,另外27个流行颜色以及AEEON™增强型刮擦和抗冲击力性能技术。开始探索今天的音调以及明天的技术。

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Wilsonart introduces Spectrum – an entirely new category of design that pairs subtle, layered design with a spectacular range of colors.

Our first design series is Crossweave, a dazzling array of 25 on-trend colors, taken directly from the emerging color story cues from NeoCon 2015 with updated pinks and corals, beautiful blues, modern greens and yellows, as well as subdued neutrals.

想要自定义频谱设计?使用我们的Spectrum design alteration formto order a custom sample. Still have questions? Visit our频谱常见问题解答页面以获取所需的信息。

Don’t see exactly what you need? Call us! Almost any color can be developed in金砂appWilsonartxyou

Spectrum是最终的“颜色载体”,与行业中的任何其他纯色层压层线不同。发现50种颜色,无与伦比的交货时间和任何项目的价格合理。Plus, the brand-new True Tones collection bolsters Spectrum with the latest evolution in optical solid color, an additional 27 on-trend colors, and the unmatched durability of Wilsonart® HPL. Start exploring the tones of today — and the technology of tomorrow.