For decades, Wilsonart has been partnering with healthcare professionals to support, inspire, and educate in times of need—focusing on long-term solutions to critical challenges. Because for us, an exceptional healthcare experience is about more than surfaces. It's about protecting people. And our people are here to help.


实现现代化的环境是关于利用融合循证表面的设计解决方案 - 为每个空间,每个空间,拥有特殊体验的人创建画布。


Disinfection Zones help identify the right surface for the right application in every space.


At Wilsonart, performance is a priority. With rigorous standards for cleanability, antimicrobial protection, and durability, we create surfaces with purpose. This is the benefit of engineered surfaces; we can endlessly create, test, innovate, and evolve.




Creating next-generation, impactful spaces is what visionaries were born to do. Our inspirational tools are here to help empower your work—increasing your knowledge and awareness of what’s worked, what’s coming, and what could be.

Every Patient Has an Experience

设计的表面安全,效率, 和patient comfort扮演一个关键的角色在创建一个积极的tone within healthcare built environments.

That's because the aesthetics of a waiting area, the quality of the surfaces, and the feel of a space can set a tone that either enhances or reverses the development of trust required to deliver outstanding medical care.

And in order for the patient-provider relationship to be a central focus, surfaces should effortlessly support critical performance requirements, provide durability of design and be applied in the correct application.

从提供的提供商为中心的护理转移到patient-centered care正在彻底改变新的医疗保健设施的设计方式。


实现这一内置环境的整体是利用包含基于证据的表面解决方案的设计 - 为提供商创建画布以提供卓越的体验。

sands金沙游戏官网 ,坚硬的表面, 和Quartz,可以帮助满足空间的功能需求,同时还促进休息和恢复员工,患者和护理人员。

When beautifully integrated, Wilsonart's surfaces address critical elements required of all surfaces in healthcare built environments and help support a positive outcome.