To inspire a lifetime of learning over multiple generations, facilities need materials that can embrace current trends, support community pride, and embody future-focused pedagogy.

Inspiring a Lifetime of Learning

Surfaces that are合作,enduring, andeasy to maintainwill be of the utmost importance to schools looking to make wise long-term investments for their future.

But fitting 21st century learning into 20th century buildings remains a fundamental challenge. Since the average age of a public school is 44 years, there is a strong market need to modernize schools to support today's ongoing evolution in teaching.

并根据研究的研究World Economic Forum, the demand for "human" skills—including active learning and analytical thinking—is growing fast.

Which is why education facilities that thrive will be designed to inspire students in a way that enables collaboration, ideation, creativity and critical thinking.

Surfaces Engineered for Active Learning

As the need for creativity and collaboration in the workplace grows, education spaces that support主动学习正在领先下一代K-12设计。

sands金沙游戏官网 ,Solid Surface,Quartz,Writable Surfaces, andsands澳门金沙集团 在教育环境中扮演不同的角色。

When seamlessly and thoughtfully integrated, Wilsonart's surfaces offer an endless array of possibilities, and a one-stop resource that elevates the learning experience.

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