Our commitment. Your peace of mind.

Service is the backbone of every Wilsonart® product. Beneath each engineered surface is a group of driven employees who ensure your peace of mind. From product samples to specification information to the actual order, our commitment to quality and service is always present — even long after installation. At Wilsonart, we’re proud of our products. But our people truly embody our mission to serve.

金砂app® SERVICE

The Proof Is in the Promise.

A successful project only occurs when each of our service goals is achieved. As an organization, our processes, controls, and metrics ensure you and your customers' satisfaction.

You have a vision. Let’s see it through with punctual delivery that is right on time. Now.

Our product development prcoess is rigorous and reliable. All of our products are consistent in appearance and performance.

Defects equal setbacks. Our control processes ensure quality to keep projects moving forward.

Our specification process is rigorous and reliable. All of our products are consistent in appearance and performance.

A robust local network means shorter lead times and a quick turnaround when the unexpected happens.

金砂app® SERVICE

Voices from the Team.

The employees of each Wilsonart department and product division are committed to customer-centered service. Every team member plays a role that upholds our values and maintains customer satisfaction.

Our strategically located distribution centers play a key role in ensuring our customers receive their surface material on time, complete and correct. Availability of local inventory reduces lead times and the opportunity to respond to our customer's urgent or unexpected needs.

Tymon Moore,
Wilsonart Director of Company-Owned Distribution

When it comes to quality, the Global Operations team is constructively impatient with the status quo. We have a healthy obsession with improving our production processes and material quality.

Terry Walsh,
Wilsonart Vice President of Global Operations

Good service only happens when we identify all of our business needs. After we satisfy these needs, we must do what it takes to maintain a mutually successful relationship with our partners.

Andy Iudiciani,
Wilsonart Sales Representative

金砂app® SERVICE

Our Values.


The perfect surface has the power to transform any space. Wilsonart curates a vast catalog of innovative surface solutions that include built-in technology, leading sustainability, and breathtaking beauty.


Our company is composed of experts who intimately understand your needs. The right products. The right designs. From consultation to installation, we focus tirelessly on the details.


我们是一个公司的人金砂app。人who understand. People who have seen the impact of a successful project. Finding the perfect Wilsonart solution is exciting. Feeling the support of our team? That’s expected.

金砂app® SERVICE

The service you want.
The availability you need.


Wilsonart distribution locations are crucial for timely delivery and keeping your project on track. Our strong foundation of company-owned fleet and strategically located regional warehouses provide availability and proper inventory levels to ensure your distribution location is ready to serve you. This wide network ensures that you receive your order on time.

金砂app® SERVICE

Service gone global.

金砂app在t以及工程橱柜维护一个品牌的多样性he globe, and our company-owned distribution network and fleet are paired with independent distributors who uphold the highest standards. While our product solutions vary in different parts of the world, our commitment to service remains steadfast at home and abroad.

金砂app® SERVICE

Stories of Support.

As a company, we believe in the Wilsonart service difference and the human benefit it provides to our customers. But don’t just take our word. Listen to the voices of our valued partners.

When you work with Wilsonart, you are working with friends. I’ve even had a Wilsonart representative come to my business on a weekend or late at night to resolve an urgent issue. I’ve never experienced that level of customer service before.

David Life,
Owner, LCW Cabinets and Countertops
(Perryville, Kentucky)

As an organization, we made a decision long ago to be ‘more important to less people rather than less important to more people.’ We’ve been able to keep this promise because of our relationship with Wilsonart.

Chris Marques
Owner, Marques Countertops
(Chalmette, Louisiana)

The customer service at Wilsonart is immaculate. They make it easy and accessible to order materials in a timely manner.

Maria Martinez
Vice President, Martinez Millwork Inc.
(Houston, Texas)

We have been a Wilsonart customer since the 1980s, and I can honestly say that their service never stops improving. That’s a rarity in this industry.

Ben Patterson
Vice President, Antique & Modern Cabinets Inc.
(Jacksonville, Florida)



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